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CraveOnline: Obviously on “Buffy” you were in one of the first gay couples on TV, and now we have “Modern Family," "The New Normal” and “Partners.” Do you feel that was a pivotal moment in television?
Amber Benson: I do. I feel like, first of all we were the first long term lesbian relationship on network television. You’d had Ellen kissing and there’ve been little bits and pieces here, but as far as the lesbian world there really wasn’t anything like what we did on “Buffy.” I think it opened the door and it wasn’t gratuitous. It wasn’t about two girls making out. It was about two people that happened to both be women who fell in love. I think that is more powerful, and that’s what’s so nice about “Modern Family” too. It’s less about the fact that they’re a gay couple. It’s more about the fact that no, they’re a couple and they’re making it work and they have a child. It’s just normal. It shouldn’t be gratuitous. It shouldn’t be about girls kissing girls. It should be like this is normal. This is life. If you find somebody to fall in love with period, you are just lucky, regardless of what gender or ethnicity or religious preference they have. I look at the fact that we now live in the United States of America and our military is not Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anymore. It makes me so happy. We were the last holdout in the western world. Every other country is open and here we are segregating ourselves because of homosexuality. It’s just stupid. It makes me angry.


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